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Physicians improve patient treatment with AllMedx.com and LucidWorks Fusion

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AllMedx.com, a clinical search site designed for physicians and clinicians, recently partnered with Lucidworks to improve search relevancy on its website.

Doug Grose, CEO of AllMedx, envisioned a “Google for doctors.” With extensive experience in medical communications, Grose believed doctors were frustrated with conventional search engines because results were often diluted with unreliable content that was intended for consumers and patients. His goal was to eliminate irrelevant, consumer-type pieces that would be of limited value to physicians looking for answers to clinical, point-of-care questions.

The AllMedx team has built a highly-structured corpus based on its extensive medical content expertise, and used Lucidworks Fusion to index more than 40 major data sources, including PubMed, CDC, FDA, the leading physician news sites, clinicaltrials.gov, rarediseases. org, NIH DailyMed, Merck Manuals Professional, and many more, including clinical guidelines from 230 medical societies and thousands of branded drug sites.  

Using Fusion’s AI and ML algorithms, AllMedx provides customized search results for each user. One-on-one user testing is done on a regular basis in order to fine-tune query pipelines and optimize users’ search experience.

According to AllMedx.com, search results are customized to each user based on their interests, previous queries and behavior, and medical specialty. For example, a cardiologist searching for “valve defects” will first see articles in their query results that other cardiologists searching for “valve defects” previously found helpful. Advanced algorithms in Fusion, using AI and ML, automate the content indexing and tailor search results so AllMedx.com is able to provide doctors with the answers they seek faster than other sites.

In an especially unique application, AllMedx condensed the medical field into a taxonomy of 12,000 disease states and applied this taxonomy to more than seven million documents across dozens of data sources on a platform called "AllMedicine," which is updated daily with links from 2,000 sources. With the large taxonomy and number of records, the processing power required was significant, and the team was concerned that the work to properly index the data could take months. However, using Fusion, the team efficiently indexes sources and applies their taxonomy on a regular basis, with a full index taking just a few hours each day.

According to AllMedx, the site’s popularity and reputation is steadily increasing. AllMedx has 125,000 physician users and expects to reach its goal of 250,000 physician users by the end of the year. The AllMedx team plans to index up to 2,000 additional medical sites, which will allow it to serve each medical specialty with a variety of resources.

For more information, go to the AllMedx.com and Lucidworks websites.

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