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Using Knowledge Management to Improve Customer Experience

The customer experience is a company’s highest priority. It’s where a business’ customer touchpoints meet its operations.

These days, it's getting more complex as the number of touchpoints in this omnichannel world increase.

KMWorld recently held a webinar with Will Hayes, CEO, Lucidworks; Stephen Pappas, SVP, Panviva, Inc.; and Doron Gower, chief solution architect, KMS Lighthouse, who explored the ways customers engage with businesses across different channels and how to create positive experiences.

 The future of business success hinges on the outcomes of billions of digital moments, Hayes explained, human moments that are the opportunity to solve, to optimize, to delight, to move the business forward. It’s imperative to shift the focus from a data-centric model to a human centered strategy.

  • It’s all about the data experience
  • Applying data to work for the business
  • Bias toward action and outcomes
  • People-first design
  • Understands intent
  • Delivers intelligent moments
  • Automatically, continuously synthesize data
  • Immediacy, accelerated business velocity

When companies look to build this customer-friendly platform they must look for intelligent automation, continuous AI, a unified data layer, rapid innovation, be intent-driven and always relevant, and have the multiplier effect, according to Hayes.

Pappas offered his own outline that companies should adhere to:

  • Everyone needs to work off the same plan
  • Everyone needs to move in the same direction
  • Customers get consistent answers
  • Customers get the same experience on every device and channel
  •  Look for a technology that supports a single source of truth for every agent in every situation.

The Lighthouse offering allows enterprises to focus more on customers and less on sifting through their own data, Gower said.

Features include CRM/ticketing, ordering management, digital channels, mobile applications, and product catalog.

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.

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