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AppTek Announces More Than 200 Language Pairs for Machine Translation Platform

AppTek, a provider of artificial intelligence (AI)-based automatic speech recognition (ASR) and machine translation (MT) solutions, has announced the availability of an expanded list of language pairs for its machine translation (MT) platform. The company now offers bi-directional automatic machine translation for over 200 pairs of languages, covering all major commercial language needs and beyond.

AppTek enables enterprise customers to integrate automatic text and speech translation into virtually any global communication or commerce application, including e-commerce companies that want to reach new markets or humanitarian organizations that provide support to geographically distinct populations.

This expanded offering results from AppTek’s capacity to build machine translation systems using its recurrent neural network (RNN) architecture and extensive linguistic training data compiled over 30 years.

The breadth of language coverage provides more options for customer deployments and translation models, and can also be tailored to a specific customer’s domain.

In addition, with its own streaming Automatic Speech recognition and MT, AppTek provides speech-to-speech machine translation for real time translation in cross-language conversational applications such as Talk2me.

The company’s machine translation engine uses the latest advances in AI and ML pioneered by its own experts.

AppTek was one of the first to offer an RNN-based machine translation solution both as a stand-alone customer installation and a cloud-based offering with application programming interface (API) access. The machine translation systems are also designed to integrate with speech-to-text systems so that subtitling and captioning services can be provided in many languages.

For more information, visit www.apptek.com.


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