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Hyland Healthcare Releases New Solutions to Advance Enterprise Imaging in Healthcare

Hyland Healthcare has launched two enterprise imaging solutions that provide new tools to capture, integrate, and share documents and media across departments and organizations.

The new offerings, NilRead enterprise viewer release 4.3 and PACSgear Image Link Encounter Workflow, have been designed to address challenges within specialties, as well as enhance workflow capabilities to bridge gaps throughout the healthcare enterprise.

PACSgear Image Link Encounter Workflow

Designed specifically for the encounter-based, orderless workflows found across the enterprise in specialty imaging departments, the Image Link Encounter Workflow (ILEW) solution helps healthcare organizations integrate their multi-modality and multi-specialty imaging content with the rest of the enterprise.

Capabilities include: Modality worklist services for encounter-based imaging procedures, ILEW creates scheduled procedures that can be queried by a DICOM modality via DICOM Modality Worklist protocol; DICOM reconciliation for DICOM enabled, point-of-care modalities, ILEW ensures the completeness and integrity of the DICOM patient and procedure metadata by integrating information from multiple sources; and Outbound HL7 to create orders for encounter-based imaging procedures and updates the EHR.

NilRead enterprise viewer release 4.3 

NilRead release 4.3 builds on the foundation of providing advanced viewing capabilities through a zero-footprint viewer. This release of NilRead focuses on improvements to the user experience in addition to extending support for some critical specialties. Enhancements include extended DICOM-ECG support - provides the ability to view, measure and document diagnostic ECG waveforms with new ECG Viewing Layouts, an expanded ECG tools panel and new measurement functionality; enhanced support for radiation therapy treatment plans - now provides the ability to add, delete or change isodoses, modify the color of isodoses and ROI structures, as well as improved protocol performance; study notes which allow users to capture study-specific content in a pre-defined template within NilRead, with notesstored in a standards based, portable format (DICOM SR) and associated with the DICOM study; and advanced monitoring and diagnostic tools which include easier access to usage and system statistics to enable faster diagnosis of problems and system expansion.

For more information, go to www.hyland.com.

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