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harmon.ie Launches One of the First Enterprise Applications with Microsoft Graph Integration

harmon.ie, a provider of user experience tools for the digital workplace, has announced that its flagship solution is using the power of the Microsoft Graph to identify topics from Office 365 apps, thereby creating natural workflows that promote deep work and increase productivity.

By focusing on topics, harmon.ie is able to deliver important information directly to Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft has seen a significant increase in Office 365 and SharePoint users in the past few years due to the company’s focus on the cloud and its robust app ecosystem, including Teams, OneDrive, Calendar, and SharePoint. The Microsoft Graph creates a unified infrastructure for these apps’ data that allows harmon.ie to enable Topic Computing, the ability to present critical information to workers with context and by subject. The Microsoft Graph’s intelligence rates content based on a person’s role and the data they regularly create and share with colleagues. This enables harmon.ie to deliver relevant information in an intuitive interface within Microsoft Outlook, allowing people to carry out deep work.   

Citing The False Promise of the App Economy research study, harmon.ie says that knowledge workers are increasingly frustrated by app overload at work and, moreover, an average person uses nearly 10 apps a day to perform their daily tasks, which makes it difficult to focus due to context switches and distracting alerts. harmon.ie aims to create a more human-focused workflow that incorporates the Microsoft Graph’s ability to provide rich context and deep insights.

For more information, go to the harmon.ie website.

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