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FileCloud Announces EFSS Platform to Integrate Windows File Servers with IaaS Clouds

FileCloud, a cloud-agnostic enterprise file sharing and sync (EFSS) platform, has added the ability to integrate branch-office Microsoft Windows file servers with any IaaS cloud. The enhanced product offering, ServerSync, can replicate files and permissions on any local Microsoft Windows file servers and sync with the cloud to enable teams to store, share and access files seamlessly.

FileCloud ServerSync enables a hybrid cloud approach that uses traditional LAN access when on-premise and cloud access when off-site, while allowing customers to employ their cloud infrastructure of choice, including Azure and AWS. Customers can migrate data without disrupting operations and synchronize on-premise file servers to the cloud without losing folder hierarchy or NTFS permissions. ServerSync also consolidates Microsoft Windows file servers across branch offices to the cloud and simplifies adding new branch-office file servers.

To provide remote access and collaboration of files stored on-premise, enterprises employ cumbersome strategies that rely on VPN or EFSS solutions that force migration of files to cloud or require proprietary appliances. FileCloud ServerSync integrates with existing Windows file servers without the need for proprietary appliances or requiring migration of files to the cloud. By providing local access, FileCloud says ServerSync removes latency, while providing cloud flexibility, which is critical for collaborating on large files.

According to Venkat Ramasamy, COO, FileCloud, the new capability allows businesses to modernize their IT infrastructure and adopt the cloud for digital transformation without disrupting their current operations. Organization scan retain their files on existing Microsoft Windows file servers while FileCloud synchronizes files and permissions between on-premise and the cloud.

For more information, visit www.getfilecloud.com.

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