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Clarabridge Announces Platform Updates for Customer Sentiment Analysis

Clarabridge, a provider of customer experience management solutions, has announced updates to its customer intelligence platform. Clarabridge’s latest enhancements allow users to leverage real-time customer data, powering front-line responders with the insights they need to manage feedback and improve the customer experience.

Building on its text analytics engine, the new features make it easier for users to understand how customers are feeling and drill down to root causes.

Clarabridge now analyzes the intended emotion in emoticons and emojis, evaluates sentiment, emotion and effort, as expressed by customers and reports on them through the CX Suite. This allows companies to understand all parts of the message and keep up with evolving methods of communication.

Additional platform updates leverage Clarabridge’s NLP technology, the latest machine learning techniques, and industry knowledge based on millions of feedback records, allowing organizations to differentiate between requests requiring response and non-actionable items that can be handled through automation and customizable, pre-written responses.

And, building upon experience within contact center operations, Clarabridge released two new categorization models to jumpstart analysis. The Experience Model can be used to gauge experience issues for both agents and customers, such as quality of the call, agent clarity, hold music, and so on. The Operations Model helps uncover unstructured feedback about common operational indicators, such as first call resolution and number of transfers. Data from both models can be immediately translated into actionable insights.

For complete information on Clarabridge’s fall product platform updates, go to www.clarabridge.com.

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