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MEGA International Launches Upgraded Version of HOPEX IT Architecture

MEGA International is launching a new version of HOPEX IT Architecture that will help companies foster business innovation, support their strategic roadmap, and complete successful IT and business transformation.

HOPEX IT Architecture aligns IT with business priorities by mapping and evaluating the IT assets that will be required to support evolving business capabilities. It helps companies properly shape current and future applications and IT infrastructure. 

With the MEGA solution, service-oriented architecture (SOA) is the default way to architect applications and the infrastructure they require.

In times of rapid business change, this allows IT teams to respond to new market conditions faster by defining services independently of any physical implementation, describing the current and future IT landscape through SOA and the use of service catalogs, and combining large chunks of functionalities to form applications that are built purely from existing services.

MEGA introduced its project portfolio management module as part of MEGA’s HOPEX IT Architecture, HOPEX IT Portfolio Management and HOPEX Business Architecture solutions.

It provides added visibility into the business impacts, costs, risks and benefits of specific projects and increases the ability to properly manage them for successful digital transformation.

For IT architects, it can help with ideation management, identification of architectural components impacted by projects, project planning and management, and development of new IT capabilities.

For more information about this news, visit www.mega.com

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