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Nuvro Combines Online Project Management with Team Management

Nuvro, a new cloud-based project and team management software suite, has officially launched.

Nuvro founder Adrian DeGus says that after years of struggling to make existing tools work for his company, he finally learned how to code as a means to create my own. Finding “surprising demand” for this own internal project, he says he then hired a team to engineer to create a viable commercial product.

Nuvro aims to bridge the gap between project management tools that either cater to very small teams or to large enterprise companies, by providing a system for team management that is as robust and useful as project management.

According to Nuvro, the new online project management tool helps organizations manage their teams more efficiently by gaining control of projects, tasks, team members, workload and internal communications. Managers can see everything team members are working on, have worked on, will work on, their performance over time and can even review team member performance in private with other managers.

The company says it will continue to add features including time management, innovation management, progress management, and AI features to help truly automate the project management process.

For more information, go to https://nuvro.com.

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