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FileHold Partners with dtSearch to Improve Document Management

FastFind now provides seamless searching in the FileHold application, as well as when the user is in a completely different application.

FileHold and dtSearch have announced an extension of FileHold’s FastFind feature embedding the dtSearch Engine to allow users to access FastFind not only from FileHold but also from any other enterprise application.

FileHold enterprise document management and workflow software can be installed on premises or in the cloud.  dtSearch specializes in enterprise and developer text retrieval and document filters. 

FileHold’s FastFind feature searches through all FileHold documents.  Beyond basic text searching, FileHold lets users refine searching by adding filters to narrow a specific query or drawing from predefined search templates.  The company now also provides seamless searching not only when a user is in the FileHold application, but also when the user is in a completely different application.

Storing documents is just part of the challenge of achieving a paperless office, since the ability to retrieve documents is what makes the system work, said Larry Oliver, FileHold’s president.

Users can turn their mouse into a smart cursor and click the word, phrase, or number to search or they can copy search terms to the clipboard and execute a search from there.  Users can also use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and search by drawing a box around the text, such as an image in a web browser.

For use inside of FastFind, FileHold embeds the dtSearch Engine.  dtSearch’s main developer component, the dtSearch Engine, instantly searches terabytes of text including over 25 full-text and metadata-driven search options across multiple different platforms and operating systems.  dtSearch’s proprietary document filters support a wide range of online and offline data covering numerous document types, emails plus nested attachments, website data and other databases.



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