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Clearsense Partners with Splice Machine for Integrated Solution for Healthcare Providers

Splice Machine, a provider of a hybrid relational database management system, is partnering with Clearsense, a provider of data analytics for healthcare organizations, to power its healthcare data analytics platform, Inception.

Splice Machine's ability to process mixed transactional and analytical workloads, and support full ANSI SQL and traditional relational database functionality on an elastic scale-out cloud gives Clearsense customers a familiar platform, reducing the complexity of building applications and performing analytics.

The integration of Splice Machine into the architecture of Inception allows Clearsense to provide a smooth onboarding process and more valuable experience for customers, according to Charles Boicey, CIO at Clearsense.  The combined solution allows customers to get up and running faster, and gain value more quickly from their healthcare data.

Splice Machine's hybrid RDBMS connects the data sources available to healthcare organizations into their data repositories and analytics tools, such as Excel and Tableau BI tools as well as real-time streaming analysis applications like Spark Streaming and Kafka, and machine learning and artificial intelligence tools like Spark MLib and TensorFlow.   

For more information, go to www.splicemachine.com and http://clearsense.com.

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