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MadCap Central Content Management Solution Integrates with Slack

MadCap Software, Inc., a provider of multi-channel content authoring software, has announced that MadCap Central integrates with Slack from Slack Technologies Inc.

Slack is a cloud-based team collaboration and communication platform. MadCap Central is a cloud-based platform for content and project management for the technical documentation industry.

Through the integration, MadCap Central users can collaborate and receive MadCap Central notifications on their Slack channels.

MadCap Software’s mission with MadCap Central is to create a superior content management experience for technical communications and documentation professionals, said Anthony Olivier, MadCap founder and CEO, noting that with this integration with Slack, it is helping to enrich users’ collaboration.

The MadCap Central content management solution is built for and integrated with MadCap Flare, a single-source, multi-channel authoring and publishing solution that is used to create technical documentation—such as online help, support sites, user manuals, and policy and procedure guides—and publish it to any format or device.

MadCap Central enables creators of Flare-based content to facilitate collaboration among teams and departments, automate publishing, track tasks and projects, manage user permissions to control access and maintain quality, and host projects and content in the cloud from one central location.

The newest release of MadCap Central now enables users to easily integrate with their Slack accounts, enabling them to receive a number of MadCap Central notifications on their Slack channels, such as when a user has been added to or removed from a project; if a target from a project is generated, whether a manual start, scheduled start, or rebuild; when a team has been added to or removed from a project; if comments or files are added to a task; and changes to a project’s status, such as activated, locked, or archived.

More information about MadCap Software is available at www.madcapsoftware.com.

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