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GRM Launches Legacy Data Archive Solution for the Healthcare Sector

GRM, a provider of information management solutions, has launched its Legacy Data Archive, which allows healthcare organizations that have multiple, disparate EMR systems to consolidate them under a single platform, thereby increasing the accessibility of patient data and reducing IT costs. 

According to the vendor, by decommissioning and consolidating non-communicative legacy EMR systems, a healthcare organization’s employees have greater visibility into patient data, leading to better care and operational improvements. All data housed in GRM’s Legacy Data Archive, a cloud-based platform that is end-to-end encrypted and accessible by only authorized users.

With this enterprise content management solution in place, GRM says, isolated silos of legacy patient information, ranging from discrete data to DICOM imagery, can be accessed by medical professionals in order to provide better quality patient care. Similarly, healthcare executives can leverage the full spectrum of data that was previously not easily accessible and examine this information to make system-wide operational improvements. 

According to Avner Schneur, CEO and president of GRM Information Management Services, with the new GRM solution, not only is legacy data accessibility no longer an issue for healthcare organizations but they’re also enjoying savings by no longer licensing and maintaining legacy systems.

For more information, visit the GRM website at www.grmdocumentmanagement.com.

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