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Swiftype Launches AI-Powered Content Discovery Engine for Enterprise Users

Swiftype has introduced its AI-powered Enterprise Search Platform, which represents the company's formal expansion into cloud-based content discovery and search. 

The new platform integrates artificial intelligence with its search technology to help users access the data they need, from any device, across the many applications their jobs require.

Companies are increasingly adopting more SaaS tools, resulting in both an explosion of data stored in the cloud and a fragmentation of knowledge across platforms, said Matt Riley, co-founder and CEO of Swiftype, noting that it is the company’s goal to help companies discover and make use of that data, regardless of where it resides.

With a single search, the company says, a user can locate information across accounts in Salesforce, files on Dropbox, documents in Google G Suite or Office 365, information from internal databases, and conversation threads on Gmail. Swiftype also integrates directly into apps such as Salesforce and Confluence to allow users to search and find content across all of these services without disturbing their existing workflows.

According to the vendor, the platform provides Swiftype AI-powered search applications built natively for mobile, desktop, and web browsers, as well as additional workflow integrations that allow users to search all their data from the applications they already use. There is also a Connector Framework to help quickly connect cloud-based platforms. Integrated platforms available immediately include Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, Atlassian, and Zendesk.

The Enterprise Knowledge Graph, Swiftype's artificial intelligence platform, analyzes the content and relationships inherent to corporate data, allowing Swiftype to understand queries the same way humans do. AI capabilities also proactively display relevant content based on calendar events, emails, and user behavior.

For more information, go to https://swiftype.com.

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