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NetDocuments Announces Multiple Product Releases for Improved Usability

NetDocuments (nd), a provider of cloud-based document and email management solutions for law firms and corporate legal departments, has added product and service improvements.

Updates include ndSync secure Dropbox-like file synchronization and share application for improved usability and offline working; native Microsoft Office integration on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) that connects Microsoft Office apps directly to NetDocuments for seamless opening and saving of documents; and two key searching enhancements to provide intelligent personalized search as well as advanced entity extraction. 

ndSync enables individuals to map matter-content, folders and documents within NetDocuments to a PC, Mac, or mobile device. This Dropbox-like functionality provides two-way synchronization for content being shared with others within the firm and the ability to work on documents offline and even check-out documents, preventing others from making changes. Additionally, ndSync has built-in mobile device management features and administrative controls, allowing firm administrators to control or restrict access, enforce synchronization policies, as well as perform application remote wiping in the case of stolen or lost devices.

For enhanced Microsoft office integration, Microsoft Office apps (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) on iOS devices (iPhone/iPad) now include built-in direct integration with NetDocuments. NetDocuments is now listed under the default application locations and NetDocuments is the only legal document management solution that Microsoft has natively connected to its mobile iOS Office apps.  

And, in search enhancements, the upcoming NetDocuments quarterly release (17.2) will include built-in intelligent personalized search, automatically boosting and ranking search results related to the individual user performing the search, similar to Google and other consumer searching experiences.

In addition to intelligent personalized search, NetDocuments is also introducing advanced entity extraction for in-depth document mining and search result analysis based on full-text content extraction of categories such as: people, companies, locations, dates, email addresses, titles, and financial amounts.

For more details, go to www.netdocuments.com.

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