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Sagitec Solutions Launches Knowledge Management Solution Called Knowtion

To provide organizations with a platform for capturing, managing and referencing their organization-specific knowledge, Sagitec Solutions has released Knowtion, an enterprise knowledge solution.

According to Stephanie Schrankler, Knowtion innovation specialist, a knowledge gap exists in organizations and it is widening as baby boomers exit the workforce. The goal with Knowtion is to provide organizations with a systematic way of organizing and using their knowledge in order to manage the uncertainties of the organizational environment.

Leveraging a proven framework and design principles, Sagitec says, Knowtion can integrate with any line-of-business solution on the market or operate as a stand-alone digital knowledge repository, allowing organizations to synthesize decades’ worth of knowledge by uploading any file type. The way content is uploaded and maintained is controlled by content taxonomies, versioning and secure cloud hosting control, according to the vendor.

Knowtion is browser-based and mobile-compatible, enabling internal users to access organizational data from anywhere. In addition, the solution provides a capability for users to submit a question which is routed via workflow to an internal subject matter expert if they cannot readily find the answer they are looking for.

For more information, visit www.sagitec.com/knowtion

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