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M-Files Survey Finds Organizations Vulnerable to Risks of Paper-Based Document Management

New research from M-Files Corporation, a provider of documents and information management solutions, looks at the degree to which organizations are still reliant on paper and paper-based processes, and the resulting risk associated with those practices.

According to the company, its survey of hundreds of working professionals in the U.S. and UK found that 81% of employees still print at least one document at work every day. In addition, three out of 10 people (29%) have read something that was confidential and not intended for them because it was printed and left unsecured in their office.

Nearly four out of 10 people (38%) reported that paper documents are lost or misplaced at least a few times each month, and that percentage is probably even higher because 62% were unsure about how many times this occurred. At least 58% of all paper documents received are left in paper form on desks or in file cabinets. In addition, most organizations (55%) are still using manual paper-based processes for capturing signatures for documents that require approval.

The continuing reliance on paper creates a ripple effect that negatively impacts enterprise-wide productivity and leads to loss of revenue, observed Greg Milliken, vice president of marketing at M-Files Corporation.  Organizations with an electronic document management system operate at a higher level of efficiency compared to those that still rely on paper files and folders, he said, adding that it is time for companies to move beyond paper documents and provide their employees with solutions for organizing, processing, and quickly locating information.

For more information, go to www.m-files.com.

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