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Mindbreeze Forms Strategic Partnership to Expand Enterprise Search

Two enterprise search companies - oobe from Australia and the Austrian company Mindbreeze - have inked a strategic partnership to jointly offer enterprise search appliances in Australia and New Zealand.

According to the vendors, with Google Search moving solely to the cloud at the end of 2018, customers will no longer be able to buy a new hardware-based Google Search Appliance from the end of 2016 on. The new partnership will address this issue, since a cloud solution does not represent the single answer for oobe’s customers, according to Andrew Fahy, director of business development at oobe.

As a provider of enterprise search in regulated markets, oobe said it saw the need to provide organizations with a secure and functional search appliance to address the impending change. The company evaluated software- and appliance-based alternatives to the Google Search Appliance and identified the Mindbreeze InSpire appliance. oobe’s goal, Fahy says, was to offer a secure appliance that would give customers a simple migration path as well as high-end features.

According to Daniel Fallmann, founder and CEO of Mindbreeze, the partnership represents a strategically important step in its global growth strategy. With the expansion into Australia and New Zealand through the oobe partnership, Mindbreeze says it now covers all time zones.

For more information visit the oobe  and Mindbreeze websites.

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