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Luminoso and Basis Technology Establish Marketing Partnership

Luminoso and Basis Technology have formed a marketing partnership to enter new geographic markets as well as to enter the U.S. government channel segment.

Luminoso is a SaaS-based enterprise software company that helps clients to understand, measure, and act on large amounts of consumer feedback data that is generated across multiple channels.

Basis provides technology to analyze text, helping organizations verify identity, understand customers, anticipate world events, and uncover crime.

The partnership will leverage Basis Technology’s presence with U.S. government agencies and overseas in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East to introduce Luminoso to new markets where there is demand for consumer feedback solutions.

Luminoso and Basis Technology have also announced the expansion of their existing technology relationship. Luminoso has integrated multiple languages and components of Basis Technology's Rosette linguistics platform, including language identification, part-of-speech tagging, and normalizing word forms from unstructured text.

Luminoso has been working with the Basis Technology team for a while to ensure that their accuracy and performance meet Luminoso’s standards, according to Lance Nathan, Luminoso's senior linguistics developer.  It now does, he said, and the Luminoso expects that Rosette will bring improved linguistic to Luminoso's analytic capability. Luminoso now uses Rosette for 10 of the languages it supports.

There is growing demand in multiple markets for the Luminoso solution, added Carl Hoffman, CEO of Basis Technology, noting that Luminoso’s data-driven insights help answer important questions that exist in every country, with the potential to impact how entire industries do business.

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For more information, visit  www.luminoso.com and www.basistech.com.  

Have a new announcement about your company? Contact newseditor@kmworld.com.

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