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SearchYourCloud Introduces Real-Time, Multiple Database Search for Office 365

SearchYourCloud (SYC) has rolled out SYC360, a real-time application for delivering search results across cloud stores, desktop, and mobile. According to the company, using an SYC search bar within Office 365, it enables users to perform multiple pre-defined and ad hoc queries across multiple databases and fields at once to produce results specific to their needs and gain a view of information inside their workflows.

The view delivers results from back-office applications, email, desktop, and mobile documents, as well as the information from database sources such as accounts payable, human resources, and CRMs. As a result, SYC says, the application can help streamline task-centered searches and capture the information into a read-only, real-time view which can be saved and shared in PDF, CSV, and HTML formats.

Organizations are increasingly relying on multiple databases to access and share their work, but these often leave gaps in the ability to find needed information and keep data and documents easily accessible, according to Simon Bain, SYC CEO. The SYC360 delivers an improved user experience for these business-critical applications without requiring users to exit Office 365, he noted.

SYC360 is controlled through the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, which enables businesses to increase productivity through real-time search capabilities and mitigate the impact on operational speed or lag in providing the results. SYC says the application allows users to retain control of their data and set up their own queries and search parameters, while applications continue to be managed by the SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) - without breaking from the Office 365 interface.

The SYC360 is charged on a per month/user basis. For more information, visit www.searchyourcloud.com.

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