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kCura Enhances E-Discovery Platform with Relativity 9.4

kCura has announced the newest version of its e-discovery software, Relativity, which helps  government agencies—such as DOJ and EPA—investigate data and identify key issues.

Relativity 9.4 builds off kCura’s latest releases by incorporating analytics and visualizations throughout Relativity, providing a fully integrated ECA and investigations product. The announcement was made in London as part of the Relativity Spring Roadshow.

According to kCura, in Relativity 9.4, new ECA (early case assessment) and investigations capabilities are integrated so customers can use the complete suite of search, visualization, and analytics tools used in document review to research matters, gain a holistic understanding of their data before a case begins, start culling down their collection, or quickly uncover the true story behind an incident. 

In addition to Relativity ECA and Investigation, the 9.4 release includes 170 new features, which have already been made available to Relativity customers incrementally in its monthly releases. With 9.4, the complete stack is more tightly integrated—from legal hold, collection, and processing, through to review and production. There is also the ability to add cluster visualizations to dashboards so that users can now have all of their data analysis tools in one view.

Overall, with this release, kCura’s focus is to make it easier for legal teams to search, analyze, and act on data, according to Andrew Sieja, president and CEO of kCura.  kCura 9.4, he said, addresses the changing role of attorneys and legal professionals which today requires them to be skilled at data analysis, including the investigation and dissection of large, complex datasets to tell a story.

In London, kCura also announced plans for a new SaaS product called RelativityOne, which the company says, will offer a single e-discovery platform from legal hold through case construction, providing the additional benefits of a cloud service approach, such as the continuous integration of new features, hyperscale computing, high availability, smoother upgrades, and the availability of a worldwide network of data centers.

According to the vendor, RelativityOne will seamlessly connect with customers’ existing Relativity installations, giving them access to both the on-premises and SaaS products through a single login, with the ability to provision workspaces locally or in the cloud through a consolidated workspace list.

Details of Relativity 9.4 and RelativityOne will also be shared at the U.S. stops of the Relativity Spring Roadshow, taking place in New York City on May 11, Washington DC on May 12, and San Francisco on May 17.  

More information is available from Relativity about the Spring Roadshow

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