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IntelliChief Introduces New Visual Analytics Platform for Live Documents

IntelliChief, LLC, a provider of automated document management and workflow enterprise content management (ECM) solutions, is launching a new platform that will enable complete visibility into live documentation in IntelliChief ECM.

According to Tim Nissen, marketing manager, the new platform was created by the company because, although its workflow automation “provides a great deal of project and transaction visibility,”  it saw that by “taking it one step further and being able to provide a reporting structure around that would be beneficial for users.”

The platform, called IntelliChief Analytics, provides users with scalable dashboards that deliver self-service analytics reporting with reports that can be regularly scheduled, saved, and shared with colleagues.

IntelliChief Analytics blends data with interactive visualizations that include heat maps, gauges, geographic maps, waterfall charts, data tables with in-cell graphics, and grouped, cross-tab reports with drill-down and drill-through. “It’s got a lot of flexibility too from the standpoint of the way it can show the data,” Nissen said.

It provides users with customized reporting format choices, on any data facet, based on their company culture, business processes and viewing preferences, all leading to ability for exploration and action on insights, according to the company.

According to the vendor, the self-service capabilities enable users to independently create and configure visualizations without requiring specialized skills and support a permissioned system, granting access to a wide range of users.

“We want to make sure the users had that choice to allow access to anybody within the organization that would benefit from it,” Nissen said. “We made this as easy to utilize for anybody as we possibly could while relaying all of the transaction or product information in real time.”

Accounting (both Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable), finance, customer service, human resources, Legal, logistics/distribution, operations and more will benefit the most from this, according to Nissen.

For more information about this platform, visit www.intellichief.com

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