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SAS Customer Intelligence 360 Orchestrates Omni-Channel Marketing

Analytics vendor SAS has added a new offering to its Customer Intelligence line called SAS Customer Intelligence 360. The company says the new solution solves a key problem for organizations, as their customers’ expectations for personalized interactions increase, but digital silos place limitations on effective, agile campaigns.

Fragmented information is an issue plaguing marketers, according to SAS. When email data is housed in one marketing solution, but web behavior interactions are managed in another, for example, marketers lack a complete customer view, and this has led them to difficulties in their digital marketing capabilities.

The new solution will serve as a new digital marketing hub that unites data from all channels, including online interactions and offline behavior such as in-store transactions, to enable cross-channel marketing and help organizations provide more relevant and targeted customer experiences.

Initially, SAS Customer Intelligence 360 includes two core modules. SAS 360 Discover provides reporting and insights based on web and mobile behavioral data, and can incorporate broader customer information to go beyond web analytics to understand individual customers’ behaviors as they are interacting with the brand. SAS 360 Engage, the second module, enables users to create, orchestrate, and optimize digital customer interactions.

SAS Customer Intelligence 360 is being delivered through the cloud via software-as-a-service, and additional modules and capabilities will be rolled out throughout 2016.

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