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Medallia Text Analytics Engine Improves Insights

Medallia, a provider of customer experience services and solutions, has introduced patent-pending text analytics technology that automates the discovery of customer-feedback topics that might be missed by other text analytics approaches. Circumventing the limitations of manual input that can hinder traditional text analytics, the company says its text analytics can rapidly process large volumes of customer comments to enables insights more rapidly.

“Companies need a state-of-the-art customer experience management platform that allows them to not only respond to individual customer feedback, but also enables them, with text analytics, to mine the massive volumes of unstructured customer commentary and identify emerging trends and issues that would otherwise be organizational blind spots,” said Ken Fine, head of worldwide product at Medallia.  

According to Medallia, its machine-learning techniques automatically clusters and classifies conceptually related expressions and sentences, enabling customers to anticipate and respond to changes in customer feedback and sentiment. Such machine learning-based approaches outperform traditional rule-based approaches that cannot capture the richness and complexity of natural language. Medallia uses machine-learning techniques to process billions of pieces of data and turn it into real time insights.

"Technology and social media have made it easier than ever for customers to provide feedback on their experiences. And they expect companies to listen and respond – quickly,” said Fine. “The result is an ever-growing volume of customer commentary that can quickly overwhelm a company and make it nearly impossible to stay on top of what customers are saying and respond in an authentic, personal way.” 

By complementing Text Analytics insight with additional data sources across the Medallia platform, the goal is for organizations to gain greater insight into the issues that will have a direct impact on key business metrics, such as NPS (Net Promoter Score), and their bottom line.

For more information on Medallia Text Analytics, go here

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