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MessageOps Reveals New Intranet Platform Focusing on Improved Collaboration

MessageOps, a Microsoft Cloud business unit of Champion Solutions Group, is launching a new SharePoint Intranet platform for Office 365 that aims to give users a more collaborative working environment. “We saw a tremendous amount of people requesting and asking us to create a very robust but easy to deploy and manage SharePoint Intranet which is part of Office 365,” said Chris Pyle, president of the Champion Solutions Group and the business unit of MessageOps. “We are so excited how quickly people are grasping onto this all over the world.”

The platform, dubbed ROOT, boosts productivity by providing tools users need to perform their daily tasks, such as a sophisticated search feature (by people, department, or skillset), access to company goals and objectives, corporate events calendars, and departmental requests.

“People were saying, ‘It’s crazy , I can go on Google and find people that know how to do Excel and I can look up and find anybody, but it’s amazing that within my own organization I can’t find people with skillsets,’” Pyle said. “One of the biggest things that was requested was the ability to share the knowledge of skills so we can communicate.”

Additionally, ROOT includes a recognition feed for shout-outs, employee anniversaries, and birthdays, along with providing widgets for social networking (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook), blogs, weather, tips of the day, and win search.

“With the Millennial workforce, they are much more apt to share, 'like,' follow, and contribute to whatever the messaging might be or whatever the cause is,” Pyle said.

ROOT works on a variety of mobile devices, allowing teams to communicate and collaborate anywhere. The portal integrates with external services, and, the company says, employees can easily customize their portal to suit their preferences and needs.

Future plans for ROOT include the gamification of certain learning tools to help new employees become acclimated within their organizations.

“That’s the next product that has been requested from our clients,” Pyle said. “It’s about sharing knowledge and how to do it in a form that is new, fresh, and, to be truthful with you, expected from the new generational workforce that is coming on - and is on.”

For more information about MessageOps’s ROOT platform, visit www.messageops.com.

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