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Access Innovations and dataCloud Launch Semantics-Based Big Data Solution

Access Innovations, Inc. and dataCloud, LLC have partnered to introduce a new semantics-based solution for big data called Topic Seeker. The solution analyzes text-based content and organizes it by topic.

Using data visualization techniques, Topic Seeker is aimed at helping organizations that are facing the challenge of constantly expanding data stores. The solution works via an API that ingests, processes, delivers, and visualizes metadata in near real-time.

Leveraging a combination of coding for big data, semantic analysis of text, and visualization techniques, the solution supports analytics that is increasingly focused on numbers, according to the vendors. By incorporating a taxonomy or ontology into big data analysis, they contend, market trends can be identified with greater specificity.

“It's easy to look at the numbers and see that sales of a certain product are declining, but those numbers don’t provide any qualitative assessment of a customer’s sentiment about the product,” said Jeffrey Gordon, CEO of dataCloud.  “Leveraging Topic Seeker to analyze the words those customers are using improves your understanding of the market for that product.”

For more information about Access Innovations, go here

For more about dataCloud, go here.

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