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directEDGAR Improves Search and Retrieval for SEC Filings with dtSearch Engine

AcademicEDGAR+ has announced that directEDGAR, an SEC EDGAR database research platform, has embedded the dtSearch Engine into the latest version of the directEDGAR search, extraction and normalization engine.

AcademicEDGAR+ is the creator of the SEC EDGAR (Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval) database research application directEDGAR.  dtSearch is a provider of enterprise and developer text retrieval software and document filters. 

directEDGAR helps industry analysts and academic researchers to identify, extract and normalize content from the constantly expanding range of corporate filings made through the SEC’s EDGAR system.

The dtSearch Engine product was selected because it offers a unique feature set, said Dr. Burch T. Kealey, associate professor of accounting at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and CEO of AcademicEDGAR+.

“We have over two terabytes of SEC filings and there was no other vendor whose offering allowed immediate access to any document in the results set no matter how many documents are returned,” he said.  According to the company, search granularity is “critically important,” and dtSearch's unique operators extend far beyond the standard Boolean operators.   

AppsPlus, a software development and consultancy, also worked with AcademicEDGAR+ to create the new version of directEDGAR. 

“Taking advantage of the dtSearch Engine’s .NET’s threading capabilities and background services, we were able to come up with a responsive search application, greatly increasing performance over prior versions of the directEDGAR toolset,” said F. Scott Barker of AppsPlus.

For more information about AcademicEDGAR+, go to www.directEDGAR.com.

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