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Cooperative content management

Land 0' Lakes, a national farmer-owned food and agricultural cooperative, is tackling a variety of content management challenges using technology from Stellent.

Curt Doble, director of corporate application services for Land O'Lakes, explains, "Stellent Universal Content Management enables us to effectively manage a variety of unstructured content and multiple content-centric applications within one architecture across our enterprise."

Land O'Lakes has worked with Stellent since the late 1990s on its content-related initiatives. Currently the company uses the technology to store and manage project documentation; intranet, extranet and public Web site content; and accounts payable, credit and human resources information.

"Content management was in its infancy when we first began working with Stellent," Doble says. "At first, we didn't know what to expect. Yet, here we are today--our implementation is scaled across the organization to meet a diverse set of needs, with tremendous success and vast potential for additional expansion."

The solution serves as the enterprise content management standard for Land O'Lakes' business-critical information, according to a press release from Stellent. For example, in Web content management and document management applications, the Dairy Foods division uses the system to manage project documentation, charts, status reports and requirements. The corporate function of Land O'Lakes uses the solution to power a large intranet, providing employees with access to company and industry news and information resources tailored to employee roles within the organization.

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