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ideaPoint collaborates with SAS on clinical trial data sharing tool

Anaqua’s ideaPoint, a provider of innovation management solutions, is forming a partnership with SAS to provide pharmaceutical companies and academic researchers with a robust clinical trial data sharing solution.

Through this partnership pharmaceutical companies, academic researchers, and statisticians can search thousands of available clinical studies and submit research proposals through ClinicalStudyDataRequest.com (CSDR), a consortium of 18 clinical study sponsors and funders.

As the only platform with global access to a full suite of SAS Analytics programs, it will improve the end-to-end research experience by providing a complete data analysis platform with the most comprehensive set of analytics tools available.

The one-stop-shop also offers ideaPoint software to evaluate and track all proposals, questions, and enquiries, and tools to report on metrics.

“Prior to this solution, data scientists were conducting research projects with clinical study data from a myriad of companies offering access to their data on different platforms,” said Scott Shaunessy, CEO of ideaPoint. “The researcher would have to make separate requests on each platform, conduct parallel research projects on each of them, and then try to consolidate the results, without being able to combine all of the data sets. With our new clinical trial data sharing solution, we’ve now solved this problem by allowing researchers to bring all of the data sets into one analysis platform. This offering will support better research outcomes and the advancement of human health.”

The clinical study data sharing platform consists of 18 sponsors including the most recent partnering of four major academic funders: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Cancer Research UK, Medical Research Council and Wellcome Trust.

The statistical technology and tools offered in this environment are a broad set of open source, proprietary and SAS analytical technologies that serve all the needs at no cost to academic and clinical researchers.

For more information about this partnership, visit https://www.anaqua.com/products/ideapoint.

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