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iText Launches pdfHTML

iText Software, a Belgium-based provider of PDF technology, has introduced  pdfHTML, a tool for converting HTML and CSS content into a PDF document.

The new add-on is intended to provide developers with a convenient way to integrate PDF functionality, allowing them to use existing HTML and CSS skills and resources to quickly create PDF documents, according to Raf Hens, iText director of product management.

As an iText 7 add-on, pdfHTML is a premium upgrade to the previous XML Worker from iText 5, providing more functionality out of the box and easier extensibility and customization.

According to  iText, developers in government, healthcare, insurance and financial industries need an attractive solution to convert HTML content to PDF to comply with federal regulations and international standards. Using the iText 7 platform, pdfHTML helps developers ensure that their content is accurate and secure in PDF.

pdfHTML supports an array of HTML tags and CSS properties, handling Arabic, Indic and other non-Latin scripts, as well as processing of responsive HTML by configuring media queries.

For more information, go to www.itextpdf.com.

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