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iManage Integrates Products with Recently Acquired RAVN AI Technology

iManage, a provider of work product management solutions for law firms, corporate legal departments, and other professional services firms, has announced the first integrations with the RAVN artificial intelligence (AI) platform. With the recent acquisition of RAVN Systems, iManage combines the benefits of AI with document management, email management and information governance capabilities. 

With the new integration, iManage is providing the RAVN AI capabilities in three key standalone products: iManage Insight, which helps users find and leverage information stored across repositories and locations; iManage Classify, which understands the nature of organizations’ documents and can identify, analyze, categorize, and tag data; and iManage Extract, which uses AI technology to read, interpret, and extract key information from unstructured data into a desired business output – like a human would do but much faster and with less chance of error, according to the company.

Additionally, iManage Extract offers a self-service feature enabling clients to develop custom solutions quicker and speed up the data extraction process.

iManage is also integrating the RAVN AI engine across its Work Product Management suite to bring the benefits of AI technology into the workflow of professionals. iManage Work 10.1, a document and email management application, will support both the IDOL and RAVN search engines. In lab testing, the company says, the RAVN engine has demonstrated a significantly lower cost of ownership, enabling organizations to reduce operating expenses associated with search. The move to a RAVN-enabled system also opens the door to faster expansion to new AI applications such as M&A due diligence and lease processing and analysis.

Enhanced product integrations now available with iManage Work 10.1 create a platform where organizations can build innovative new solutions spanning work product management, governance, and AI. These integration include  iManage Share, which allows users to share and collaborate with external parties securely from within the iManage Work 10 interface;  iManage Records Manager, ­which enables users to see all physical and electronic records directly from within the iManage Work 10 interface; and iManage Security Policy Manager, for managing ethical walls and need-to-know security enables iManage Work searches to respect the security policies in SPM. 

According to the vendor, Work 10.1 has a broad global appeal with international language support in French, German, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, and iManage technology partners are developing localized versions in Chinese and Japanese.

iManage Work 10.1 is offered through cloud services or as an on-premises deployment. For more information, including purchase and availability information, visit the iManage website.

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