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harmon.ie Unveils Unified Offering for SharePoint Collaboration

harmon.ie, provider of a suite of workplace user experience products, has announced a consolidated harmon.ie product offering. The new solution brings together harmon.ie’s products in a unified offering and includes additions to streamline workplace collaboration and make Microsoft SharePoint easier to use.

The new harmon.ie “One” solution allows workers to upload, classify, and share emails and documents to SharePoint and Office 365 from any of their email clients – including Outlook on the PC, Outlook on a Mac, or via an app for Outlook on a mobile device or in a browser.

According toDavid Lavenda, vice president of product strategy at harmon.ie, the new unified offering addresses two key pain points.

“For business users – harmon.ie now makes it easy to continue to work from email anywhere and be compliant with information governance requirements to store and classify (using metadata) important emails and documents in SharePoint,” he noted.

This is a strategy that drives 100% SharePoint usage in organizations that have historically struggled to get users to comply with information governance directives, he noted. In addition to help make it easier to find emails and documents for e-discovery, regulatory compliance, and litigation, harmon.ie also now delivers on providing its functionality across an additional set of email client options, spanning desktop, browser, Mac, and mobile device access.

And, for organizations, he added, harmon.ie now makes it simple to buy harmon.ie once and give anytime/anywhere access to SharePoint for all its users, with no need to calculate how many users need each type of app.

Describing the current workplace environment, Lavenda said that users increasingly expect ubiquitous access to corporate computing services from all platforms including desktop, mobile, and browser, and they don’t want to be limited to working from just one platform.

“At harmon.ie, we recognize this trend and as a client-side technology,” said Lavenda. “We understand that customers don’t want to have to think about how many of their users will access SharePoint and other Microsoft collaborations from the desktop, how many from a Mac, how many from a mobile device, and how many from a browser; they just want to be able to easily access those resources from ‘wherever’ without having to think about licensing. With this harmon.ie ‘One’ announcement, we are saying we recognize this desire by making it easy for customers to buy one harmon.ie product and then have access to SharePoint and other Microsoft collaboration products from any platform, anytime/anywhere.”

In addition, Lavenda noted, email is experiencing a renaissance and continues to expand in use. “There are over 500 million Outlook users alone, not including Gmail, IBM Notes, and all the other email offerings,” Lavenda said.  “Workers continue to see email as the place to go to see what they need to be working on, and this will continue.”  Companies such as Microsoft, Google, IBM, and others recognize this trend, he said, and, rather than trying to wean users off of email, they are adding intelligence to their email offerings to help people make sense of the increasing deluge of messages.

Machine learning and natural language processing are two technologies that can help automate the surfacing of important email information so users don’t miss out on important tasks and updates, he observed. “With the harmon.ie One announcement, we bring new capabilities to business users to upload, classify, and share emails and documents to SharePoint, directly from email, where they continue to spend their time; from Outlook on the desktop and now from embedded apps for Outlook for Mac, browser, and mobile.”

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