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eXalt Solutions Unveils Knowledge Work-as-a-Service Offering

eXalt Solutions, a provider of cloud-based digital transformation services for B2B enterprises, has launched its knowledge work-as-a-service (KWaaS) offering.

According to the vendor, it is coming out of a controlled release of the KWaaS with several longstanding customers, including Intel, and holds patents in this space.

Explaining the need for the services, eXalt says it has found that as much as 50%-70% of work in the B2B sales process alone is rules-based and repetitive. Buyers need information from both the reseller’s back office and an entire partner ecosystem of distributors, vendors, and integrators, and, increasingly, eXalt says, these customers expect information to be retrieved, aggregated, and presented almost instantaneously without human delay. 

Citing data from McKinsey & Company, eXalt says that by 2025 the automation of knowledge work will have an economic impact of $5-7 trillion, and will impact more than 230 million knowledge workers globally. 

Traditional B2B enterprises, cannot keep up with competitors, who have digitally transformed even portions of their business with knowledge work automation, said Leslie Swanson, president and CEO of eXalt Solutions, who noted that first movers are gaining competitive advantage by successfully offloading web sales and operations to KWaaS.

According to eXalt, its KWaaS platform bridges the internal knowledge gaps that delay the B2B sales process, making processes digital end-to-end without human touch. eXalt says that as a cloud-based service, it addresses common digital transformation hurdles. Implementation of the KWaaS platform can be completed in weeks without a major outsourcing or IT project; and marketing, e-commerce, or operational executives can specify business rules changes that eXalt loads into its cloud platform without any software or IT involvement.

For more details, go to www.exaltsolutions.com.

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