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e-Spirit Launches Digital Experience Hub Personalization Engine

e-Spirit has introduced the FirstSpirit Intelligent Content Engine, a new core component of the FirstSpirit Digital Experience Hub that is aimed at enabling marketers to provide personalized, content-rich digital experiences via any channel to increase engagement and compel users to action throughout the buying journey.

According to the company, the FirstSpirit Intelligent Content Engine uses an advanced customer segmentation engine with artificial intelligence (AI) to build actionable customer segments in real time, enabling marketers to take instant action via personalization, recommendations, automatic optimization and real-time messaging. Users can take data from internal and external sources, coupled with behavioral data, to create dynamic, content-rich experiences that influence and drive conversions. Personalized content is then delivered to any channel through real-time advanced targeting using FirstSpirit CaaS (Content-as a-Service). As a result, these digital experiences can then be optimized based upon select goals such as revenue, profitability, or page views, providing AI-powered personalization in one platform.

The FirstSpirit Intelligent Content Engine will help marketers to tap into the power of data to create and deliver highly individualized content to their users in real-time, synchronized across any channel, said Udo Straser, chief revenue officer for e-Spirit, noting that the company calls this “the digital experience edge” and is part of its mission to deliver "personalized digital experiences, anytime, anywhere for maximum impact."

Key attributes of the new release include the ability to develop and target valuable audience segments with  individualized experiences using cross-channel behavioral insights and data from external and internal sources, and to optimize interactions and drive conversions by dynamically delivering synchronized and personalized content and page layouts across devices and channels.

The product supports real-time testing and optimization and enables customers to increase user retention, session length and purchases by inserting data-driven product, content and email recommendations at critical touchpoints and drop-offs. Organizations can also boost engagement with behavioral-triggered incentivizing overlays and notifications, retargeting display ads, exit intent overlays, and emails.

To learn more about the FirstSpirit Intelligent Content Engine, go here.

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