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ZL Technologies Introduces New E-Discovery Tools for More Efficient Workflow

ZL Technologies, Inc., a provider of information governance and analytics, is launching new e-discovery features with an updated release of its flagship platform. “We’ve looked at the enormous growth in data volume and we’ve been addressing that problem with the next generation of our toolset,” said Hemanth Salem, head of the Information Governance and Analytics division at ZL Technologies.

The 8.0.3 version of the ZL Unified Archive (ZL UA) platform leverages in-house counsel to further enable the ZL UA environment in order to fit existing workflow and preferences to increase overall efficiency and improve case outcomes. “We’ve taken our new technology and applied it so that we can do e-discovery right in the archives,” Salem said.

ZL UA offers different approach to e-discovery by building downstream discovery features directly within the framework of a single-platform information governance environment, allowing data to be fluidly accessed for multiple Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) steps without data export or movement. Upgraded features include independent legal holds and case items, parallel indexing architecture for multiple cases, and batch processing for ongoing custodian preservation.

According to ZL, the platform's new e-discovery features enable rapid, accurate, and responsive preservation and ECA, establishing a discovery environment in which in-house legal professionals may leverage a rich feature set to best fit existing practices and desired workflows.

Although ZL UA is intended for full end-to-end e-discovery, the company says, it also provides flexibility and allows downstream export of content for processing in specialty tools.

“We’re working very closely with our clients,” Salem said. “Information governance is a long-term position for our clients. It is our philosophy that we want to look ahead 5-10 years for our clients and build technology and processes that can last that long so our clients don’t have to do this every year.”

For more information about ZL UA’s eDiscovery features, visit www.zlti.com

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