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Yotpo Releases Customer Analysis Solution

Yotpo, a content marketing platform, is releasing a feedback analysis solution called “Insights” that will help product teams better understand customer needs.

The platform enables real-time business intelligence to improve the overall customer experience, as well as inform operational, commercial, and product development strategies.

With Insights, fast-growing direct commerce brands such can leverage artificial intelligence to unlock what customers are saying about their products and brand.

Insights uses natural language processing to analyze the grammatical structure of the text to uncover topics mentioned in reviews and their related opinions.

It also uses sentiment analysis to score every opinion on a negative to positive scale, and semantic grouping to categorize different keywords to maximize the information available on each topic.

Insights empowers eCommerce brands to drill down into the factors that have the highest impact on customer satisfaction, enabling them to invest time and resources in areas that will make an impact on their business.

Brands are also able to compare performance with similar businesses using industry benchmarks, as well as track changes over time to identify trends, get alerted to new issues, and gain instant feedback on new product releases.

For more information about this release, visit www.yotpo.com.

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