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World Wide Technology Announces New Resources for Enterprise Collaboration and Decision Making

World Wide Technology (WWT), an integrator that provides technology and supply chain solutions to large public and private organizations, has announced WWT Collaboration Labs, an environment for testing and validating enterprise collaboration tools and services.

According to WWT, its Collaboration Labs empowers partners and customers to capitalize on the disruption anticipated in the unified communications and collaboration (UCC) market.

The goal, said Joe Berger, collaboration practice director at WWT, is to give enterprises a controlled environment to try out disruptive technology - and see if the  tools work for them - without it actually disrupting their business.

Enterprises risk missing opportunities to boost productivity if they don’t address pending changes, from collaboration delivered as-a-service to AI-infused chatbots, contends WWT.

WWT Collaboration Labs aims to deliver an understanding of the digital disruptions taking place in the UCC market to a market saturated with collaboration tools and vendors. It is a dedicated testing environment within WWT’s Advanced Technology Center (ATC) for collaboration technology, covering everything from group chat to video conferencing. Enterprises can test, validate and customize new collaboration tools before they are rolled out within their organizations.

They can also evaluate “what if” scenarios to arrive at the solution that is right for them without any overhead risks or the need of building out a testing environment on their own. As a fully scalable environment with pre-configured components, WWT Collaboration Labs can mimic any real or proposed sandbox scenario within seconds.

WWT Collaboration Labs also offers self-service capabilities through an online portal that allows clients to receive access to demonstrations of more than 60 collaboration solutions. Peer-to-peer pairing is included for troubleshooting and experimentation. Once testing is completed, the collaboration solution can be put into a live customer environment without any technical issues, and WWT can also manage employee training to support cultural adoption.

For more information, go to www.wwt.com.

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