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Verint unveils new voice of the customer cloud solution

Verint Systems has launched a new solution to provide a comprehensive, enterprise-wide view of the voice of the customer.

Tailored to address the needs of CX leaders, Verint Unified VoC provides a view of direct, indirect, and inferred VoC from across key CX channels with automated analytics engine to deliver actionable insights.

The goal is to provide insights that help organizations to prioritize and act upon the CX initiatives that deliver the most significant financial impact.

Key capabilities include:

  • Cross-channel structured and unstructured VoC data collection including email, SMS, and post-call IVR surveys, digital feedback from websites and mobile devices, and customer interactions from contact centers that provide organizations a complete view of their customer and uncover blind spots often missed by other products.
  • Unified VoC data analysis that allows organizations to map data from multiple sources, create common KPIs, and drive insights and take action such as the identification, sizing and prioritization of CX issues from across all channels to optimize ROI on CX initiatives.
  • Triggers, alerts, and case management that work out-of-the-box on the unified datasets to deliver VoC with operational impact, such as automatically leveraging digital feedback to alert the contact center of emerging issues and initiate actions to resolve those issues.

For more information, go to www.verint.com.

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