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Verint Automation Improves Quality Management for Customer Engagement Industry

Verint Systems has announced the release of its new Automated Quality Management (AQM) solution, an integrated component of its workforce optimization suite that can automate the entire quality management (QM) process, from scoring evaluations to assigning coaching.

The new solution offers contact centers consistent and always-calibrated automated scoring of up to 100% of calls, greater employee performance transparency, and results that can be shared with employees, managers, and executives.

In addition to freeing quality assurance professionals from tedious tasks, AQM also enables fair and continuous feedback on employee performance, compliance coverage, and provides the insights needed to deliver engaging customer experiences.

According to Verint, many brands already record 100% of contact center calls for quality, compliance and training purposes. However, no one actually listens to all of those calls, meaning that critical insights into agent performance that could have been gained are lost in a massive archive of unheard conversations.

The ability for organizations to use advanced automation is a customer engagement game-changer, said John Goodson, Verint’s SVP and GM of products, noting that the new solution enables all contact center calls to be scored objectively with coaching that can be delivered more quickly. 

Contact centers can introduce automated scoring at their own pace, by either automating some questions within their manual processes, taking the plunge and fully automating scoring on 100% of calls, or anything in between.

For more details, go to www.verint.com.

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