Utilizing Intelligent Search in Modern Enterprises

More and more enterprises are reporting that companies are having issues with mainstream search. Employees should be able to find information, and gain insight, with a spoken question, a natural language text input, an image, or virtually any other way that feels natural and intuitive.

Modern, machine-learning based search can change the paradigm for companines and how employees find answers and gain insights.

KMWorld recently held a webinar with Allyson Barr, CMO at Attivio, and Brian Flynn, director of solutions architecture at Attivio, who discussed putting search at the core of the enterprise.

Legacy search fails to deliver and, for the searcher, it takes too long to find the right information,  does not search across silos, does not provide a personalized experience, and does not provide answers, Barr and Flynn explained.

For the developer, it’s impossible to keep up with expectations, difficult to tune relevance, difficult to add new sources, and difficult to enforce security.

An intelligent search can bring the enterprise to the next level. To acquire that solution, enterprises need to combine data sources, AI, UI, and insights and answers.

There are eight critical requirements for cognitive search. This includes:

  • Big data scale and reliability
  • Comprehensive, robust data source ingestion
  • Extensible data transformation
  • Natural language understanding and text analytics
  • Dynamic content unification and analytics
  • Intelligent, data-centric security
  • Flexible UXD and solution acceleration
  • Adaptive, learning-based relevance and collaboration

Attivio can help users dynamically scale to big data volumes on premise or in the cloud, Barr and Flynn said.

The platform can securely connect to any data source and break down information silos with an open, extensible workflow for transforming data and queries.

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.

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