Unifi Software Boosts Data Catalogue with Natural Language Search

Unifi Software, a provider of an integrated suite of self-service data tools, is releasing the Unifi Data Catalog with intuitive natural language search powered by OneMind AI. The platform also includes collaboration capabilities for crowd-sourced data quality, views of trusted data, and comprehensive governance and security.

The Unifi Data Catalog offers:

  • A simple way to catalog the widest range of data sources of any data catalog on the market
  • The ability for users to easily search and discover data no matter where it resides, irrespective of its structure, using Natural Language Search
  • AI-powered discovery of data types out of the box with auto-generated recommendations to view and explore data sets and similar data sets
  • A holistic approach to data governance, security, data quality and trusted data
  • Seamless integration to catalog Tableau metadata and the ability to crawl multiple Tableau servers to search projects, workbooks, worksheets and dashboards
  • The ability to deconstruct TWBX files and see the full lineage of a data source to see how data sets were transformed

The Unifi Data Catalog and Unifi Data Platform Version 3.0 deliver new integrations into the Tableau ecosystem including end-to-end visibility across data from raw source all the way through to the last mile visualizations for insight discovery.

Unifi is unique in its ability to provide a seamlessly integrated suite of self-service data tools that are inclusive of data preparation alongside data catalog with workflow automation, community and collaboration, comprehensive governance, and AI at its core.

For more information about this latest release, visit www.UnifiSoftware.com.

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