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UJET announces partnership with Google Cloud Contact Center AI

Cloud contact center platform provider UJET has announced its partnership with Google Cloud’s Contact Center AI (CCAI) and integration of its AI-powered conversational CX, UJET Virtual Agent with Google Cloud Dialogflow CX.

UJET’s solution will be available on the Google Cloud Marketplace.

Virtual Agent was designed to help scale the contact center and reduce operational costs, all while delivering more natural, personalized self-service options to customers. Using real-time and historical customer journey data, the UJET routing engine can predict when it’s the right time to proactively engage, whether routing to a virtual or live agent will yield the best outcome, and when sentiment dictates that a warm handoff to a live agent is appropriate.

Optimized for large contact centers that deal with complex conversations across voice and messaging channels, Google Cloud Dialogflow CX extends UJET’s capabilities to a broader set of use cases and interactions, enabling even greater operational efficiency across the enterprise.

According to UJET, businesses of all sizes are increasingly deploying chatbots and voice-enabled virtual agents in an attempt to drive efficiency by deflecting calls, reducing hold times, and mitigating spikes in contact center demand. However, unless these technologies are carefully deployed as part of a comprehensive, integrated digital transformation strategy, the negative impacts to customer experience and the bottom line can be significant.

“Conversational AI is opening up a new world of possibilities in areas like customer experience and user engagement,” said Anand Janefalkar, founder and CEO of UJET, “The key to realizing these possibilities is taking a holistic, unified approach to the customer journey rather than just trying to layer in AI and new digital channels. Through our partnership with Google Cloud, our customers are continuing to revolutionize the customer experience by providing more efficient, intelligent experiences, that deliver even higher levels of customer satisfaction.”

Learn more at www.ujet.cx. 

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