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Transforming customer service to meet demands during COVID-19

Customer service is actively being transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic. A tsunami of calls and service requests coming into customer-facing organizations while customer-facing personnel, whether they be contact center agents or branch office personnel, have been asked to hunker down in their homes, thanks to shelter-in-place mandates in many states.

KMWorld recently held a webcast featuring Sam Hahn, technology evangelist, eGain Corporation, and Danyelle Myrick, senior online support, Georgia Power, a Southern Company, who discussed how to sustain and improve customer and employee experience during the pandemic.

Customer service right now is in chaos, Hahn said. Agents are facing escalating volume, are struggling with phone-centric on-prem tools with a digital infrastructure not prepared for this surge, rules and regulations are in flux amidst anxious consumers and anxious agents.

Coronavirus concerns translate into concerns about work, according to Hahn. eGain Knowledge can help those in customer facing positions.

The platform can resolve routine customer queries with scalable self-service, empowers new staff with knowledge and process guidance to manage contact surge, refine top questions and refresh content daily, serving agent knowledge and customer self-service.

Georgia Power was able to leverage the eGain platform during the current pandemic, Myrick said. The platform has been able to manage interactions with quick responses, she explained.

“We want to ensure each interaction a customer has continues to be a world class experience,” Myrick said.

With eGain, the company can monitor each interaction in real-time, Myrick said. Customers can also leave feedback about each interaction. This tool is helpful to make sure the company is following its own guidelines.

As each customer experiences something different, the company wants to make sure everyone feels safe and secure during this time.

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.

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