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TigerGraph 2.0 Introduces Real-Time MultiGraph Collaboration Service

TigerGraph, which provides a graph analytics platform for the enterprise, has announced TigerGraph 2.0 which introduces real time MultiGraph collaboration along with enhancements in distributed system performance and security. MultiGraph represents a breakthrough in supporting real-time graph collaboration, said Yu Xu, founder and CEO of TigerGraph. It allows organizations to improve the transparency and the availability of their data among teams, promoting productivity and decision-making for the business.

TigerGraph 2.0’s graph analytics collaboration service is significant, the company says, because it allows multiple groups to share one master database for access to real-time updates and collaboration. Local control and security features help enterprises meet compliance regulations. TigerGraph 2.0 breaks down data silos, improving team transparency and access to data for enhanced productivity.

In addition, TigerGraph’s distributed database platform is now easier to deploy, with enhancements in package management, distributed architecture and new language features.

TigerGraph 2.0 also includes security feature such as: Single Sign On, Directory Service (LDAP/AD), encryption for data at rest and data in motion, and role-based access control.

For more information, go to www.tigergraph.com.


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