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Thinkfree DocsConverter Adds Office Document Conversion Services to AWS Marketplace

Thinkfree, a Hancom company, has announced the availability of Thinkfree DocsConverter on the AWS Marketplace. Built to meet the needs of a range of organizations - including cloud service providers and web-based solution providers - DocsConverter converts Microsoft Office documents to formats suitable for viewing on the web, such as PDF, HTML, TXT, JPG, and PNG formats.

According to the vendor, the popularity of solutions built on AWS is expanding, and web service developers and SaaS providers need easy ways to implement document conversion from proprietary formats - such as .docx, .xlsx, or pptx - to formats that anyone can view instantly in a web browser. Custom document conversion systems could be built using commercial or open-source desktop applications, but such systems are neither designed nor optimized to run in a server environment with stability and scalability, the vendor says. Thinkfree DocsConverter provides AWS customers with the ability to implement document conversion capabilities - with control over scalability and security - into their services and workplaces with a single click. The solution offers APIs that can be easily called from existing web and mobile applications to enable instantly-viewable documents.

The availability of ThinkFree DocsConverter on AWS Marketplace helps advance the idea of “universal access to information," says Bruno Lowagie, chief strategy officer of Thinkfree. The solution enables is information that mobile ISVs and service providers want to share - both internally and externally - but that until now has been locked up in proprietary document formats – to be published universal consumption.

The Thinkfree DocsConverter page on AWS Marketplace provides information about server configurations and pricing.

For more information on Thinkfree, visit www.thinkfree.com.

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