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Theum 2.0 Delivers Context-Relevant Answers Instead of Documents

Theum AG, headquartered near Stuttgart, Germany, has announced the general availability of Theum 2.0, the latest release of its knowledge management software. According to the vendor, Theum 2.0 enables knowledge owners throughout an enterprise to contribute documents such as policies and procedures, human resources manuals, safety regulations, marketing and sales information, financial reporting guidelines, and reports to a local Theum knowledge base.

The software allows document management systems and authoring tools to remain unchanged, and no specialized training or authoring tools are required, supporting a lack of complexity that allows anyone in an organization to be a knowledge contributor.

Users can access information through Theum's Knowledge Navigator or its answer-oriented Thematic Query function. A thematic query, which runs in parallel in all or in designated knowledge bases, dynamically assembles context-relevant knowledge atoms from all relevant sources into ready-to-use, big-picture "answers" containing the text, images, tables, and supporting information users need without requiring them to scroll through pages of document search hits and scan through documents.

Describing Theum as a “game-changer” because it goes beyond document-oriented thinking, Paul Caspers, Theum AG's CEO, observed that the ability to direct users to the answers they need quickly without "time-wasting searches" enables organizations to improve productivity and efficiency.

Key enhancements, the company says, include open source knowledge bases that run on any web server and are free from platform software and CALs; thematic query technology that dynamically generates complete, "big-picture" answers from relevant knowledge; an architecture supporting a distributed, evolutionary knowledge management paradigm; and a consistent user experience on all devices, online and offline

For more information, go to www.theum.com.

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