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TeamViewer Launches Dedicated IoT Solution

TeamViewer, a software provider for IoT, connectivity, monitoring, support and collaboration, has released a new IoT solution called TeamViewer IoT. The product combines TeamViewer’s remote access and control capabilities with its monitoring functionalities.

TeamViewer IoT is aimed at value added resellers, system integrators, original equipment manufacturers, and technology enthusiasts and comes with end to end encryption, two factor authentication and TeamViewer’s Easy Access to meet the needs of traditional as well as up-and-coming industries. According to the company, TeamViewer IoT makes devices IoT ready in minutes, and supplies a means to monitor, access, and control them.

With a TeamViewer account, users can set up the web-based dashboard and install the software on a Raspberry Pi. TeamViewer also provides an SDK plus an MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) API so users can collect the data they need and include it in their dashboard. This dashboard provides users with the possibility to tailor their widgets according to their needs, and as well as to trigger an alert when a critical metrics threshold is crossed. Additionally, users may integrate the TeamViewer IoT data—by means of a Cloud REST (Representational State Transfer) API—in a different system if they need to do so.

According to the company, TeamViewer IoT enables business benefits in a variety of industries and use cases. In industrial settings, TeamViewer IoT allows production managers and equipment suppliers to increase machine productivity, monitor operational efficiency and carry out preventive maintenance from anywhere in the world. Additionally, building owners and operators can use TeamViewer IoT in conjunction with Smart Building technologies to monitor and optimize energy usage, space usage and long-term capacity planning.

TeamViewer IoT comes with support for Raspbian, but will be portable to other Linux distributions. Support for additional IoT platforms will also be integrated.

More information on TeamViewer IoT is available at www.teamviewer.com/en/iot.


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