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StoreConnect secures $9M in funding to shake up the ecommerce space

StoreConnect, a provider in the ecommerce industry, announced it has secured $9 million in a recent seed round, enabling the company to fuel its mission of addressing the prevailing challenges in the ecommerce landscape. The seed round was led by Bellini Capital.

The raised funds will be utilized to expand StoreConnect's global reach by hiring a dynamic sales team, advancing technology to enhance customer experience, and expanding its partner network, which includes Salesforce solution integration partners.

The importance of this funding round extends beyond StoreConnect's dedication to simplifying ecommerce fractured complexities through its fast and comprehensive all-in-one solution. It also lies in StoreConnect's ability to eliminate major barriers, allowing SMBs to connect with millions more customers, thereby leveling the playing field in the ecommerce arena, according to the company.

Customer Commerce is a user-driven approach that empowers small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to forge connections with a brand-new range of customers that were previously out of reach.

Built on the world-leading CRM platform, the company's innovative approach has already garnered the support of over 60 Salesforce solution integration partners in just 24 months—and is on an impressive run rate of $50 million by 2028, according to the company.

Lead investor, Arnie Bellini, brings a wealth of expertise to the table. As the co-founder and former CEO of ConnectWise, Bellini is renowned for launching the industry's most widely used IT-managed services platform, according to the company.

For more information about this news, visit https://getstoreconnect.com.

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