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SpringCM Smooths Path to GDPR Compliance

SpringCM, which provides a document and contract lifecycle management platform in the cloud, has added updated features and capabilities to help customers meet the impending demands of the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

According to SpringCM, contracts, resumes, and other types of documents containing signatures and other identifying information are subject to GDPR data management guidelines and EU citizen removal requests.

SpringCM enables companies to better protect and manage this personal data in a manner that complies with the requirements of GDPR.

The SpringCM data centralization platform ensures all information is stored and searchable in a central, cloud-based location, rather than in hard copies or disparate formats scattered across multiple servers. For data that is unstructured, such as contracts and other documents, SpringCM can build workflows that allow for the easy identification and full deletion of a given piece of requested data.

Organizations cannot simply perform a one-time activity to become GDPR compliant and then forget about it, said Chris King, chief information security officer at SpringCM. GDPR compliance requires revamping operational aspects to keep up with the regulatory demands.

SpringCM's infrastructure and operations are built and maintained with data privacy, portability, monitoring and convenience as top priorities. SpringCM's capabilities to help customers achieve GDPR compliance include Optical Character Recognition (OCR) allows users to extract the content of any document as plain text, making all documents searchable; metadata tagging streamlines complete searching, so identifying information about a specific individual can be erased; automated workflows enable convenient porting of personal data from one service provider to another while protecting data integrity; and manual processing options prevent individuals from being subject to profiling or automated decision making without explicit consent.

For more information, visit www.springcm.com/gdpr.

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