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SpringCM Integrates with Salesforce Government Cloud

SpringCM, a workflow and document management platform in the cloud, now integrates with the Salesforce Government Cloud, enabling government agencies to connect with their customers, partners, and employees in new ways. 

Government Cloud is an instance of Salesforce built for government agencies. Because it is FedRAMP-compliant, it offers enhanced security measures that align with federal regulations. Integrating with the Salesforce Government Cloud allows SpringCM to help public sector organizations optimize internal processes, stay compliant, and automate workflows, eliminating the bottlenecks that occur with traditional systems.

According to SpringCM, the new integration, available on the AppExchange, is important for public sector agencies that need to modernize outdated document systems. SpringCM has a record of working with the public sector to drive productivity by bringing document-centric processes to the cloud with clients that include the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. 

Today, federal agencies face challenges in managing document-centric processess and must follow digital transformation trends to keep on top of their mission of serving the public, while managing old paper document processes. SpringCM's cloud-based platform helps organizations handle forms, correspondence, FOIA requests, grants, permits, contracts, and other document processesSpringCM has closely with Salesforce to enhance its platform in terms of security and compliance to adhere to the strict government standards, but without compromising the delivery of quality enterprise level functionality that SpringCM customers expect, said Antonis Papatsaras, CTO of SpringCM. Because the Salesforce Government Cloud is a separate instance built specifically for government agencies, SpringCM developed its software to create a tighter integration with Salesforce, he noted.

With the recent IT Modernization bill requiring government agencies to replace legacy IT systems and also providing $3.1 billion in funding, SpringCM says it is in a key position to meet the requirements needed to digitally transform the public sector. SpringCM is currently FedRAMP-in-process, with final approval expected in Q2 2017.

For more information about SpringCM, visit www.springcm.com.

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